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Madeline Island Retreat Schedule

June 16th through 19th 2022

While we will provide many workshops and classes, please know that this is your retreat and you are welcome to participate in classes as you see fit. Feel free to come and go as you choose.


Between 4 and 5pm- Arrival (Get settled in rooms/Explore grounds)

6pm- Buti Yoga Class 

7pm Dinner

8pm-Yoga Nidra Inside

9pm Campfire or games inside depending on weather


6:30am -Paddle Board Yoga 

7:15am -Paddle Board Yoga 

8am- Breakfast

10am- Primal Flow Yoga 

11am-3pm- Take bag lunches to Big Bay State Park for hiking and exploring

Noon-Lunch for guests on site

1:30pm-Sculpt (Day drop-ins and guests who stay)

2:30pm- Vinyasa (Day drop-ins and guests who stay)


(Reiki or massage offered from noon to after dinner time for extra fee)


4pm-Backbend Workshop


5pm-Yin Yoga

6pm- Dinner

7pm- Sunset Tai Chi by the Lake

8pm- Free time/Camp Fire


6:30am Paddle Board Yoga 

7:15am Paddle Board Yoga 

8am Breakfast


9am Power Vinyasa


10am-3pm- Optional-Rent bikes or walk in town. Lunch on your own. 


12 Noon- Lunch for people who stay on site

(Massage or Reiki offered for additional fee from  noon to after dinner)

1:30pm- Paddle Board Yoga OR Buti Yoga (for drop in guests and people who stay)

2:30pm-Paddle Board Yoga OR Sculpt (for drop in guests and people who stay)

4pm-Group Workshop/Journaling

5pm-Buti Flow

6pm Dinner

7pm CBD Facials and Benefits of CBD Class-


8pm-Guided Meditation


7:30am Breakfast

8:30am Slow Flow and Closing Circle

10am-Check Out

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